Multimedia Arts, that include graphic design, abstract art, songwriting and music production, video, digital and technical art fusion.

Self duplication intelligence, for altered reality exploration and higher consciousness message translations. Symbol transmission, interpretation and awareness through sound frequency enhanced states of mind.   

Cyborgs, Droids, Robots, Machine Interaction


Implant Crystal

Call at yas to ye who hath not but a single vision and rides along in time without stopping to be aware of it.


Mind Piles

Pest it is, the vision of distraction, the urges of desire, the craving for control The oath to self to be who one is not


Night Fashion

OMG what luxury to select of all these clothes, to feel to wear to show to have to possess in drawers & shelves.-Alien


Dream Cream

Wake up there is really nothing more for you there in the lower vibration reality that your so defending

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Carelessness -failure to give sufficient attention to avoiding harm or errors. Caring less and less about being present to the real experience you are having while you grasp at each opportunity to drug up, drink down and see through lying eyes the illusion that suits to cover your wounds best for the time.  You are…

Psychic Predictions 2017

October 2017 Psychic Visions: We are now at a very big point of choice and decisions the edge of what’s next is truly at hand The media is full of deception with intent to confuse and generate hatred, many of the peoples hearts are smarter so the efforts are not working as well as planned.…


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